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Commercial photographer Erica Payne lives in Texas with her husband and three kids.  She has a B.F.A in studio art and has been in the photography business for over 20 years. She believes twizzlers are the best candy and are not made of wax. 


I started photography at six years old by taking a pic of my aunt and mom.  They declared it the best pic they had taken and asked who took it, to which i replied ME. lol



I love shooting expression. Whether it's giving life to an inanimate object or a person, everything has some attitude that can be brought forward.  I also love color, (who knew that color theory class would turn out to be so much fun) creating images with color that pop off the page and becomes almost 3-D is what I love to do.  

I also sew and create projects in my time (what's spare time? you have to create time for what you want to do.) Creating my handbag line, girls clothes and other things i can later create a shoot around keep me entertained. 


Erica Payne- Photographer

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